Recall List

Crate and Barrel Recalls Holiday Milk Bottles Due To Laceration Hazard (February 20, 2019) The plastic straw that comes with the milk bottle can crack or break, posing a laceration hazard.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;

Academy Sports + Outdoors Recalls Turkey Fryer Due to Fire Hazard (February 19, 2019) The turkey fryer spout can leak oil, posing a fire hazard.

CVB Recalls LUCID Folding Mattress-Sofas Due to Violation of Federal Mattress Flammability Standard (February 14, 2019) The mattresses fail to meet the mandatory federal flammability standard for mattresses, posing a fire hazard.

PurpleAir Recalls Power Supply Units for Air Sensors Due to Fire and Burn Hazards (February 14, 2019) The power supplies can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.

Shop LC Recalls Disco Ball LED Light Due to Burn and Fire Hazards (Recall Alert) (February 13, 2019) The battery can overheat while charging, posing burn and fire hazards.

Target Recalls Toddler Boots Due to Choking Hazard (February 12, 2019) The unicorn horn on the boot can detach, posing a choking hazard to children.

Delta Electronics Recalls Solar Inverters Due to Fire and Impact Hazards (February 7, 2019) The capacitors can fail and allow heat to build up and the cover can eject with force from the unit, posing fire and impact hazards.

Dell Recalls Hybrid Power Adapters Sold with Power Banks Due to Shock Hazard (February 6, 2019) The hybrid power adapter casing can break and detach, exposing the internal metal components, posing an electric shock hazard.

Fisher-Price Recalls Children’s Power Wheels Barbie Campers Due to Injury Hazard (February 5, 2019) The children’s ride-on Power Wheels can continue to run after the foot pedal is released, posing an injury hazard.

DeWALT Recalls Drills Due to Shock Hazard (February 5, 2019) The drill’s wiring can contact internal moving parts, posing a shock hazard.

Hot Mom Recalls Bed Rails Due to Violation of Federal Standard for Portable Bed Rails: Sold Exclusively on (Recall Alert) (January 30, 2019) The bed rails fail to meet the federal mandatory standard for portable bed rails, posing entrapment and suffocation hazards to young children.

Navien Recalls Tankless Water Heaters and Boilers Due to Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (December 20, 2018) A kit installed on the tankless water heaters and boilers to convert them from natural gas to propane can cause the unit to produce excessive amounts of carbon monoxide, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to consumers.

Miles Industries Recalls Gas Fireplaces Due to Burn Hazard (December 20, 2018) The trim around the fireplaces can leak hot exhaust air, posing a burn hazard. &nbsp;

Women’s Iron Complete Supplements Recalled by GNC Due to Failure to Meet Child Resistant Closure Requirement; Risk of Poisoning (December 19, 2018) The dietary supplement blister packaging is not child resistant, as required by federal law. If ingested by a child, these supplements could cause serious injury or death.

Manhattan Toy Recalls Children’s Books Due to Choking Hazard (December 19, 2018) A metal grommet used to attach a fabric flap to a page in the book can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

TerraTrike Recalls Adult Tricycles Due to Crash and Injury Hazards (December 18, 2018) The torque sensor in the wheel can activate unexpectedly and cause the trike to power forward, posing crash and injury hazards.

The Children’s Place Recalls Infant Snowsuits Due to Choking Hazard (December 18, 2018) The metal snaps on the snowsuit can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

TJX Recalls Drawer Knobs Due to Laceration Hazard; Sold at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods Stores (December 13, 2018) The glass and ceramic drawer knobs can break or shatter when pulled, posing a laceration hazard

Lotus Foods Recalls Ramen Noodle Soup Cups Due to Fire and Burn Hazards (December 13, 2018) The paper soup cup’s labeling incorrectly instructs consumers to use the microwave for cooking, posing fire and burn hazards.

Women’s Scarves Recalled by Raj Imports Due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standard (December 13, 2018) The women’s scarves fail to meet the federal flammability standard for clothing textiles, posing a risk of burn injuries to consumers.

The Company Store Recalls Children’s Robes Due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standards (Recall Alert) (December 13, 2018) The children’s robes fail to meet the federal flammability standard for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.

dormakaba USA Recalls Stanley Commercial Hardware Locksets Due to Risk of Entrapment in an Emergency (December 12, 2018) The lockset can fail to open, posing an entrapment hazard and inability to vacate a location in an emergency.

White-Rodgers Recalls Thermostats Due to Fire Hazard (December 12, 2018) Contact between the thermostat wires and household line voltage can damage the thermostat, posing a fire hazard.

Kubota Recalls Zero Turn Mowers Due to Injury Hazard (Recall Alert) (December 11, 2018) The rollover protective structure (ROPS) on the mower can loosen and fail to protect the operator in a rollover accident, posing a risk of injury.

Penn State Industries Recalls Woodworking Jaw Chuck Systems Due to Laceration Hazard (December 11, 2018) The jaws can loosen from the chuck and break off, posing a laceration hazard.

Skip Hop Recalls Convertible High Chairs Due to Injury and Fall Hazards (December 6, 2018) The legs on the highchair can detach from the seat, posing fall and injury hazards to children.

Kawasaki USA Recalls Off-Highway Utility Vehicles Due to Injury Hazard (Recall Alert) (December 6, 2018) The vehicle’s rollover protection structure (ROPS) can fail to protect consumers, posing an injury hazard.

Meijer Recalls Children’s Hooded Jackets Due to Choking Hazard (December 6, 2018) The zipper slider can detach from the hoodie, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Signature Hardware Recalls Wall-Mounted Shower Seats Due to Fall and Laceration Hazards (December 4, 2018) The aluminum hardware supporting the shower seat can corrode, posing fall and laceration hazards.

Foremost Recalls Shower Doors and Panels Due to Injury and Impact Hazards (Recall Alert) (December 4, 2018) The pivot hinges can fail and cause the glass door panel to separate from its frame, posing impact and injury hazards.

IKEA Recalls Dining Tables Due to Laceration Hazard (November 27, 2018) The table’s glass extension leaf can detach and fall unexpectedly, posing a laceration hazard.

Lumber Liquidators Recalls 5-Gallon Buckets Due to Drowning Hazard (Recall Alert) (November 27, 2018) Young children can fall into buckets and drown. The buckets do not have the required cautionary label warning of the drowning risk posed to young children.

Öhlins Recalls Bicycle Forks Sold on Specialized Bicycles Due to Fall and Injury Hazards (November 27, 2018) The air cartridge can abruptly spring out of the stanchion tube, posing fall and injury risks to the rider.

Seabreeze International Recalls Bathroom Heaters Due to Fire Hazard (November 20, 2018) The safety cutoff can fail to function allowing the heater to rapidly overheat, posing a fire hazard.

HoMedics Recalls Nightlights Due to Choking Hazard (Recall Alert) (November 20, 2018) The small feet on the giraffe-shaped nightlight can detach, posing a choking hazard to small children.

LÍLLÉbaby Recalls Baby Carriers Due to Fall Hazard (Recall Alert) (November 15, 2018) The sliding chest-clip strap can detach from the shoulder strap, posing a fall hazard to the child in the carrier.

RH Recalls Metal-Wrapped Coffee Tables Due to Risk of Lead Exposure (Recall Alert) (November 15, 2018) The tables’ metal top can contain lead and presents a risk of lead exposure to children. Lead is toxic if ingested and can cause adverse health effects.

YTL International Recalls Log Splitters Due to Injury Hazard (Recall Alert) (November 13, 2018) The log splitter’s welding on the tongue box assembly can crack and cause the log splitter tank to disconnect from the rest of unit, posing an injury hazard.

H.I.S. Recalls Girl’s Clothing Sets Due to Violation of Federal Lead Content Ban (November 8, 2018) The metal pendant on the necklace contains levels of lead that exceed the federal lead content ban. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health issues.

Lifetone Technology Recalls Bedside Fire Alarm and Clocks Due to Failure to Fully Alert Consumers to a Fire (November 8, 2018) The bedside fire alarm and clock can fail to operate and fully alert consumers to a fire.